Choices Stories You Play – An Ultimate Guide about Currency!

In Choices Stories You Play there are various types of in-game currency present. Among all types of in-game currency, the most used Choices Hack and important type of in-game currency is diamonds. It is used for several significant tasks and activities. On the other side, the second most important type of in-game currency is keys. Keys are mainly used for unlocking different and more stories in it. Therefore, it is crucial for the players to earn a good amount of keys as well as diamonds in order to play the same game decently.

Methods to earn currency

Well, now as you know about the in-game currency of the game, then it is important for you to know about the earning methods of these two types of currency. So, below are some methods given which help you in earning a good amount of currency –

  • The first method by which players easily earn diamonds as well as keys in a good amount by joining the game with their Facebook account.
  • The second method which helps players in earning diamonds and keys is by completing the sign-up process in Choices Stories You Play.
  • The next method for earning currency in both forms is by completing more and more stories in Choices Stories You Play.

So, these are simple and straight methods in the game by which gamers easily become able to grab a good amount of currency in both types, i.e. keys and diamonds.

Know more about stories in Choices Stories You Play

The main reason why the game becomes more popular and classic is that in it there are lots of stunning chapters and classic stories present. All these stories make the same game good and attractive. Now, some main stories are as follows –

  • THE FRESHMAN– it is the most popular story in Choices Stories You Play. In it, players start their carrier with the Hartfield University. It is college life and in which you have to live a college life. You have to make new friends, find love and then perform all other necessary tasks in it.
  • THE CROWN & THE FLAME – In the same story, your kingdom is stolen by the opponents and enemies, and then you have to get it back by building a team, or by using the master magic also.

These, are some good stories that present in Choices Stories You Play. Players have to complete all these stories one by one as to reach up to the next level in Choices Stories You Play.


In a nutshell, players have to learn all the major things that relate to the Choices Stories You Play. Also, they have to play the game by applying some good tips and tricks on it. Doing the same task help players in easily playing Choices Stories You Play. Not only is this, gamers also have to ensure that they are knowing everything properly about the game rules when going to start Choices Stories You Play.

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