Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Short Guide for Beginners

In late July, the time-honored Fire Emblem series returned to the screen. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is finally back on the game elements that have made the series big after a number of handheld, mobile offshoots and spin-offs. Tactical lap strategy and extensive RPG elements make for a lot of fun. To help you get started in this complex game, we provide you with the best tips and tricks for beginners in our beginners guide.

The choice of house in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The now 16th offshoot of the tactical RPG series sets in addition to the turn-based fighting on an extensive role-playing system. Already the tutorial of the game familiarizes you with the three namesake houses.

Shortly thereafter you will reach the military academy in the monastery of Garegg Mach, where you will try your time as a teacher. At least after you have decided on one of the three houses (Harry sends his regards). However, what exactly is the difference between the blue lions from Faerghus, the black eagles of Adrestia and the golden deer, the game does not tell you. Here, we can help.

The black eagles of Adrestia: For magicians

Do you like to juggle with fireballs or support spells and stay away from your enemies? Then, the Black Eagles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are the perfect choice for you. This house is primarily based on magic, but in the pure physical strength, they are at a disadvantage.

The blue lions from Faerghus: For melee

Those who like to stand right in the middle of a battle and clobber their enemies with axes, swords and other melee weapons are best served with the blue lions. Blue lion fighters are more heavily armored than the other houses, but slower. In addition, you must always be in touch with your enemies. Fortunately, the Knights, Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Knights come here later. This house is especially suitable for newbies.

The golden deer: For ranged fighters

The melee and magician of the golden deer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are okay, but their ranged dancers are feared nationwide. Their units rely on agility to keep their opponents at bay. As the game progresses, the mounted archers become your best weapon. The golden deer are the all-rounder in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, because the characters of this house can be developed much more individual than those of other houses.

Ultimately, however, the personal preferences decide. Right or wrong does not exist. The Blue Lions are the easiest way to get started in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, while the first battles with Black Eagles are the hardest. After a bit of getting used to, the battles with the magicians are also well-done.

Students from other houses are recruiting

To compensate for the weaknesses of the three houses, Fire Emblem: Three Houses gives you the opportunity to recruit students from the other houses. This will allow you to balance your army’s weaknesses, and will become hugely important, especially later in the game and with Permadeath active.

In principle, you have the opportunity to ask students from other homes for an upcoming Battle for help, after which they will support you for a month. However, you can also recruit them in Three Houses, after which they join your group permanently – with the exception of the three leaders of the houses and their faithful entourage.

Quite a short time after the start of the game you will get the opportunity to recruit if you talk to other characters in the monastery. If you click on it, the game shows you which conditions have to be fulfilled for a character to join your entourage.

For this to succeed, status values and levels of your main character have to fit. You can do this by winning victories on the battlefield. You also have to improve your abilities regularly in partly optional and partly necessary seminars.

Also, your relationship with the person to be recruited must be at least “C”. You increase this relationship by spending time with the characters, giving them gifts, and returning their lost items, but more on that later.

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